Pharmacy in the Box

Where Healthy Entrepreneurs’ pharmacy project is developed for urban areas, the ‘Pharmacy-in-the-Box’ project is designed to serve rural areas. In those rural areas especially the availability and accessibility of medicines can form a major public health problem. Pharmacy in the Box is a small scaled pharmacy consisting of around 25 essential, generic medicines, tailored to the burden of disease and the specific needs of the context in which the project is implemented.

Within communities, entrepreneurs are selected based on their experience within health care and their willingness to own their own business and also make an investment in their box and the initial stock of medicines that comes with it. If needed, the entrepreneurs are supported through micro credit financing. The entrepreneurs receive training and are monitored by the management team which consists of staff from a local organization as well as members of the Healthy Entrepreneurs team, to assure good quality generic medicines for an affordable fixed price.

Through working with entrepreneurs and a franchise concept a sustainable supply chain for medicines is created.

Pharmacy in the Box is currently being implemented in the province of South Kivu, Democratic Republic of the Congo, read more about this project.



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