Our mission

For many of the poorest in remote areas in developing countries, access to essential medicines and other health products is far from adequate. The majority of the most vulnerable families live hours, if not days from the nearest source of life saving medicines and health products. The current limited distribution often suffers from weak supply, a lack of rigorous quality control and unfair or simply excessive pricing. Moreover, people lack the knowledge to make well informed decisions about their own health.

There is a tremendous drive of people in developing countries to improve their own health and the health of their children – when they have the right information and the access to the products to do so. Our mission is to improve access to reliable and affordable health products and services for families in developing countries. We do this with a network of micro entrepreneurs who run franchises with a complete basket of health commodities, have a stable income and enjoy respect within the communities they serve.

Our innovative and fair model reduces social inequality, offers employment opportunities and improves the position of women in particular within their communities.