Our products

The product range supplied by Healthy Entrepreneurs consists of affordable and reliable health products.

Under the label of ‘HE social impact’, Healthy Entrepreneurs has developed a range of health products for rural areas. This range contains a variety of drugstore products including: sanitary pads, toothpaste for children, multivitamins, nutrition powders, water sanitizers and medicines. In addition to our private label, Healthy Entrepreneurs distributes a variety of other impact products branded by producers or suppliers. The range of generic medicines is based on the national essential medicine lists, and includes over the counter medication and prescription medicines. In close collaboration with our entrepreneurs and key customers, the range is regularly adjusted and completed.

Suppliers are professional companies that produce good value for money products. The products comply with international and national standards and are regularly checked for quality. All manufacturers comply with international production standards. Healthy Entrepreneurs’ quality assurance policy includes independent quality control during the production of medicines and products we supply.

Below you'll find a selection of our most popular products:


To protect against STDs and prevent unwanted pregnancy

Oral contraceptives

Birth control pills that help with family planning and protection against pregnancy.

Sanitary Pads

They are designed to provide efficient and hygienic protection.


A selection of essential medicines, such as antibiotics and pills like Vitamin A and Folic Acid.

Feminine wash

To wash away bacteria from the vaginal area.


Essential for healthy growth and development

Multivitamine pills

for Children

Water purification solutions

Table top filters and Aquaprove tablets


Clean and fresh hair with this coconut shampoo.


For adults and children, to keep your teeth clean.

Solar Light

Reading light powered by sunlight.

Foot Cream

This foot cream helps relieve dry feet.