Our way of working

The successful realization of our objective lies in a network of entrepreneurs who run financially sustainable micro-franchises. HE works with micro entrepreneurs who cover the last mile by offering essential health products, like painkillers, contraceptives, sanitary pads, antibiotics, soap, vitamins, and information in remote villages. In doing so entrepreneurs enable the customers to make informed decisions to improve their health.

The entrepreneur invests 25% of the start-up costs up front and pays back the remaining part of the investment in goods within one year. Our entrepreneurs’ are committed to this structure and demonstrate a high level of loyalty. Entrepreneurs run either a mobile drugstore business (by bike) or a pharmacy, and receive training in health topics and business management. We have a preference to work with female entrepreneurs, who prove to be reliable entrepreneurs, running their business professionally and respecting the financial obligations. Entrepreneurs obey national policies and are partly trained by the ministry of health, and are an active part of the public health system in the countries where we work.

Uninterrupted availability of all products is critical to successful health outcomes. That is why HE is involved in all elements of logistics. We support a smooth supply chain with reliable technology that ensures stock. The quality of our products and services is guaranteed.

HE entrepreneurs use tablets to educate a large number of people on relevant health issues. Our tablets come equipped with the following four applications:

  • An education application to raise awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health, Nutrition, WASH, Maternal and Child Health, Diseases and more, including 125 short movies in seven languages.
  • A counselling application, to provide guidance in family planning methods and the use of contraceptives
  • A product catalogue providing an overview of all products including the fixed sales prices.
  • A stock management application supporting the entrepreneur in all business operations, including replenishment of stock, turnover, online ordering etc.

Educating the target audience with a tablet, in their own language, proves to be very effective. The information and counselling provided on our tablets proves to be a big hit, especially among high-risk groups including youth and women.






User information is registered and is regularly synchronized with the HE database. With this information HE can produce detailed reports and analytics about users of the applications and the customers of the franchise shops.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system supports operations and facilitates growth. In the coming years we will continue to develop our supporting technology in order to maximize health outcomes and sales, and to minimize logistic and operational expenses.

By offering access to essential information and products, we ensure great social impact and strengthen existing health care systems.