Projects and partners

Healthy Entrepreneurs is active in 5 countries, with 1350 entrepreneurs active worldwide.

In DRC we work in close cooperation with Cordaid, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other partners within the JeuneS3 program.

In Uganda we work on scaling the network of entrepreneurs up to 1500 end of 2017 with different partners, including the Dutch NGOs Stop aids Now!, Simavi and various partners in Uganda. Funding comes from DREAMS (US) and the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affaires.

In Ghana and Tanzania, we collaborate with international partners Simavi and Solidaridad and various local partners.

In Haiti we work with Fonkoze, the biggest micro-finance institution in Haiti. In Haiti we aim for 1800 entrepreneurs in total in 2019

We team up with many partners to achieve our impact on the ground. Depending on the country and market, we find the ideal combination of partners to get the job done. We use expertise from national and international networks, and standards and best practices drawn from international organisations such as WHO, UNICEF and UNFPA, to develop the content for our tablet applications.

Healthy Entrepreneurs also creates national networks to collaborate on program implementation. For example, local youth organisations and peer groups help develop and validate the tablet modules. HE works closely with Ministries of Health and national authorities to approve the franchise model, the materials and to train the entrepreneurs and implement the programme.