Stories from the field

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Djames (32), Entrepreneur

"I am in business now as a Healthy Entrepreneur Pharmacist; I am very busy selling medicines and other health products. Before HE had opened the pharmacy in our village, there was a pharmacy that sold fake medicine or medicine of bad quality. Now, they are no longer in business because people noticed that our medicines are much better, our medicines do help.

The HE course for becoming a pharmacist was very helpful, also for my personal life. I rarely get sick anymore. And my wife is now taking birth control. I already have three kids, and that is enough. I also like that I can now transfer my knowledge to others, so they will be able to live healthier lives."

Emeryne (24), Entrepreneur

"Now I’m working as a Healthy Entrepreneur. To become one, I followed a 5-day course, where I learned a lot about sexual and reproductive health, healthy nutrition, daily hygiene, clean water and much more. We learned for example how to take care of children and how to market the products that HE provides. After the course, we were given health products as credit. These products are valued very much by the community.

My parents have died, so I am an orphan. Before I didn’t have a job and had trouble paying for stuff like skin cream or soap. Now that I am a Healthy Entrepreneur, I can afford all of that again. I can even afford to pay for the school of my nephews and nieces. With my job I can educate the people in my community about the best way to take care of a child with good nutrition. They appreciate very much and support the work we do."

Nicole (16), Visitor Youth Centre

"There is a youth centre very close to my house. In the centre Healthy Entrepreneurs give me information about sexual and reproductive health. We learn a lot about this subject, for example about family planning. I would like to have 3 children when I grow up. A small family is better for the health and opportunities of the children.

When I am with my friends I share the things I learned at the centre and tell them to come too. At school they also give us advice about sexuality, but I prefer the youth centre. It is far more interesting to see the tablet, because we watch and learn. Seeing people in real life in the videos talking and suffering makes it easier to understand."

Neema (22), Young mother

"Before, I had to walk 14 kilometres to get medication for myself and my children. When I arrived there, often there were no medicines available. Now I just go the local Healthy Entrepreneur Gabriel and his pharmacy in my village. At the pharmacy, I watched a video on the tablet about Child Nutrition. I’m very happy that I was is able to learn about this, I did not know a balanced meal is so important for the health of my children."

Pierre (30), Entrepreneur

"I am starting as a Healthy Entrepreneur in Rwanda, in the district Gicumbi. I really think HE’s activity is innovative. Other programs come in selecting poor people, they only focus on one topic; whereas HE comes with innovation, enables youth to start their own business and helping them to become economic independent. Other programs train peer educators in  reproductive health only. But HE comes with double impact: they provide information about much more subjects and create jobs and help with the business."

Dieudonné (18), Visitor Youth Centre

"In the local youth centre I attended a session about protection against HIV and Sexual Transmitted Diseases. Before, I had no idea how to protect myself against HIV and STDs; that’s why I had unprotected sex. Now that I have all the information, I went to Emeryne, the local Healthy Entrepreneur, to buy condoms and get even more information. I am very thankful that I have the knowledge now and can protect myself."

Charlie (45), Entrepreneur

"Before I joined HE, I worked in the hospital as a nurse. I am an animateur that means I supervise all the entrepreneurs/pharmacists in one district, coordinate all activities and ensure they are supplied every two weeks with new medicines and products to sell . I drive around on my motorcycle since most HE pharmacies are in remote villages. With my background as nurse, I really like to be able to help the communities, since they face a shortage in medicines and we solve that problem."

Adolph (25), Entrepreneur

"Since I joined HE, my life has gotten much better. I also like that with this job, I am improving the lives of other people as well. I come from a poor family, so I am grateful that I got the chance to be a Healthy Entrepreneur. Now I can finally take care of myself, I can even improve my own house. Currently I have a girlfriend; I really want to marry her, but first I have to save up. I want to have financial stability, so that I can have three children.

Usually I go by bike to the market. There are always people around to help and educate, for example about HIV. I also have loads of people that want to buy products. I like talking about sexual reproductive health, because many people don’t know how to protect themselves. Another positive impact is that after talking to me, people often go to the local Health Post to get themselves checked; otherwise they would not have gone."