Healthy Entrepreneurs currently has a team of 130 people in six countries. Together we make sure our Community Health Entrepreneurs can serve their customers and patients in their villages.

International Team

*Board member of HE. The supervisory board does not receive remuneration.

Joost van Engen*

Founder of HE / Chairman - Country Director Uganda

"Access to basic health care in remote areas is the key to both development and empowerment"

Cees Rustenhoven

Finance / Treasurer

“HE has a proven business model that really contributes to the sustainable improvement of the lives of poor people. I’m convinced that creating business is the correct way to fight poverty. “

Germaine van Teeffelen

Country Director Kenya/Tanzania

Thijs Bergervoet

Chief Technology Officer

Tosca Terra

Business Development

"I work for HE as we don’t see the bottom of the pyramid as a poor and pitied group, but provide them with tools and a framework to gain income and become teachers in health themselves."

Mary Moussa

Global Health Expert

Nicole Maarse

Leadership Team Uganda

Ann-Gonda Wangira

Finance Manager

Anna Vos

Products & Service Manager

Denis Amukun

Sales & Operations Manager

Ronald Musana

Recruitment & Training Manager

Fiona Akello

Procurement & Warehouse Manager

Team Kenya

Germaine van Teeffelen

Country Manager

Team Tanzania

Germaine van Teeffelen

Country Manager

Team Burundi

Francis Robert Remesha

Country Manager

Team Burkina Faso

Hamed Arthur Yo

Country Manager