1350 Entrepreneurs

This is how many Healthy Entrepreneurs are currently active, and counting...

2.700.000+ people reached

Improving the health of many families in rural areas

5 countries

Currently active in Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Haiti

Healthy Entrepreneurs ensures effective last mile distribution. We reach the poorest families in remote areas with the help of entrepreneurs.

We work through a network of micro entrepreneurs in remote areas of developing countries to distribute affordable health products and services to the families that need them most. Our entrepreneurs run small pharmacies and drugstores, and are equipped with solar-charged tablets loaded with educational videos and applications to support their business. We empower our entrepreneurs to cover the last mile and reach the poorest families by integrating health education and the supply chain in one sustainable model.

Djames - Entrepreneur

"I'm very happy to be a Healthy Entrepreneur. Now I can help my community with products they value and make a living for myself”

Neema - Young mother

“First I had to walk very far to get medicines, and often they were not even there. Fortunately, we have a HE Pharmacy in the village now.”

Nicole - Visitor Youth Centre

“A Healthy Entrepreneur taught me about Sexual and Reproductive health with the help of the tablet. I like learning with the tablet because It is much more interesting than reading or looking at drawings.”