Our vision is basic healthcare for all

More than 90% of all health issues can be handled at community level. This is where Healthy Entrepreneurs comes in. Our sustainable and scalable model works within the existing healthcare system, by providing a business opportunity for community health workers to improve healthcare in hard-to-reach rural communities. We operate in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Congo and Nigeria with a network of 15,000 CHEs, reaching 18 million people in remote and rural areas.


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We aim to satisfy the health needs of consumers in hard to reach areas in Africa, by bringing health products, expertise, education and innovative technology together through trusted Community Health Entrepreneurs and a unique end-to-end supply chain.

Our business model is built to empower people to take care of themselves and their communities. To increase awareness, prevent sickness, and sustain health.

In this video you can meet our Community Health Entrepreneurs (CHEs) and the communities they work in.

Florence's story is evidence to the impact that accessible healthcare resources can have on dedicated basic healthcare providers and the communities they serve. CHEs have access to a telehealth platform and related services, sharing point of care test results and patient vitals with our medical professionals who can then provide eConsultations and ePrescriptions.

All Community Health Entrepreneurs are equipped with a smart phone with e-health applications as well as diagnostic tools (muac, blood pressure machine, glucometer and thermometer).

Step into the daily life of Josephine, a dedicated Community Health Entrepreneur (CHE) from Kasanda Subcounty in Mityana District. In her village, Josephine is a familiar face, a trusted point of contact for basic health services. Her impact is personal, as the bond she shares with her community runs deep.

With support from Healthy Entrepreneurs (HE) that boosts her business, Josephine flourishes as a CHE. This enables her to earn an income, but above all, Josephine's pride in being a CHE comes from the transformative difference she makes in the lives of others.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to be the trusted community healthcare provider. By using our unique business model and improving the existing infrastructure, we make a systematic change in the healthcare provision.

Our mission is to satisfy the health needs of consumers in hard to reach and remote areas of Africa, by bringing products, experts, education and innovative technology together through trusted Community Health Entrepreneurs and a unique end-to-end supply chain.

The Healthy Entrepreneurs model

We empower people in rural and remote African communities to improve their health and livelihoods.

1: Men and women are trained as  community health entrepreneurs. We teach them about health & business, the product basket and how to best educate and advise their customers.

2: Each entrepreneur receives a starter kit with health products and a smartphone to provide health education and consultations to their local community and to manage their business. Entrepreneurs invest $40 in advance and pay back the products purchased on credit within a year.

3: Affordable, reliable health products and education become available, promoting strong, healthy, sustainable communities.












Our unique distribution model

We empower people in rural and remote African communities through a unique model that is scalable and proven to improve health and livelihoods. Key to this is delivery: Healthy Entrepreneurs manages a fully integrated end-to-end supply chain. In short, we be buy reliable products at an affordable price and deliver them directly to the entrepreneurs on site.

All orders are prepared at Healthy Entrepreneurs’ warehouse and transported to the CHEs through a unique supply chain. Through our digital solution we create efficient and orderly management of goods, where each item can be tracked from warehouse to end consumer.

The Community Health Entrepreneurs receive and distribute the health products in the communities after consultation - some products are only prescribed after a formalized consultation with a doctor. The CHEs receive continous training, E-health support and a fast and reliable supply of medicine and health products.

Due to the proximity of the CHEs, the communities get faster and more affordable access to health services and products in their own homes - along with preventative education, awareness, sensitization and counseling. This saves the end-consumer invaluable funds, as well as creates an income generating activity for the CHEs.











Healthy Entrepreneurs’ innovative, sustainable and honest approach is unique in the world of development work. More than 15.000 entrepreneurs reach more than 18 million men, women and children every year!

Not only does our model improve basic health and well-being, it stimulates self-reliance through knowledge and education and access to basic health products. Moreover, it contributes to market efficiencies and creates job opportunities.

Read about 2022 - a year of success (PDF) >>

Our effort is in line with several Sustainable Development Goals such as health and well-being, gender equality, clean water and sanitation supply, and ending poverty. The impact and potential of the business model is supported by scientific research by the Erasmus University Rotterdam.

The Erasmus university conducted research on the impact of Healthy Entrepreneurs in the Kibaale district in Uganda

Some outcomes of the research

  • Healthy Entrepreneurs tend to be more motivated, and spend more time (+20%) on their job
  • 52% increase of knowledge of modern contraceptives and a 46% increase of knowledge of HIV
  • 52% increase of use of modern contraceptives
  • 35% more use of improved water sources
  • An increased availability of essential health products, with 60%

Other research shows that improved availability of basic health commodities results in a 17-25% reduction in overall market prices

Charlie (44)


"I'm very happy to be a Healthy Entrepreneur. Now I can help my community with products they value and make a living for myself”

Neema (25)

Young Mother

"Before, I had to walk 14 kilometres to get medication for myself and my children. When I arrived there, often there were no medicines available"

Joost (49)

Founder HE

"Access to basic health care in remote areas is the key to both development and empowerment"