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Are you interested in learning more about opportunities to collaborate with Healthy Entrepreneurs? For example, by expanding the network of entrepreneurs, contributing to the circles of change or by adding new products/services to the basket of the entrepreneur. You can contact our founder, Joost van Engen, at [email protected] or Tosca Terra, Business Development Manager at [email protected].


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Frequently asked questions

Q: What makes Healthy Entrepreneurs an unique organisation?

A: Healthy Entrepreneurs offers basic health products, education and advice to the people living in the remote and hard to reach areas of (mainly) Africa.

Q: What are the focus countries of Healthy Entrepreneurs?

A: The headquarters of Healthy Entrepreneurs is based in Utrecht ,The Netherlands and has country offices in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Burundi. 

Q: Does the business model of Healthy Entrepreneurs comply with the national health system in each country?

A: All the activities of Healthy Entrepreneurs support the national health care system, including a focus on prevention and basic health. In all countries Healthy Entrepreneurs operates in line with the national policies.

Q: What are the start-up cost for a new entrepreneur?

A: The start-up costs for a new entrepreneur are approximately 250 USD.

Q: How much does one entrepreneurs earn on a monthly basis?

A: It differs per country and even per area as a consequence of the population density and small differences within the product basket. Examples of monthly revenues per entrepreneur: Uganda 40USD.

Q: What is the man/woman ratio within the network of entrepreneurs?

A: Within our organization 85% of the entrepreneurs are women.

Q: What is the service area of one entrepreneur?

A: One entrepreneur serves approximately 1250 people.

Q: How do you ensure the quality of the medicines?

A: All our suppliers work according to the international guidelines of the World Health Organisation. Additionally, we initiate independent quality control.

Q: In which areas does your business model creates impact?

A: Healthy Entrepreneurs brings a positive change in the areas of health / wellbeing and market dynamics at community level and the financial status of entrepreneurs.  

Q: In what way is Healthy Entrepreneurs sustainable?

A: Healthy Entrepreneurs regularly delivers new products. Our entrepreneurs earn a living and remain motivated to order new products on a regular base. Consequently, a sustainable, self-finance supply chain will be created.

Q: How are the products in the assortment selected?

A: The product basket differs per country, depending on the national legislation. Both preventive and curative medicines are offered, but also a diversity of non-pharmaceutical products within the areas of contraception, hygiene, nutrition, maternal & child health and common diseases.

Q: How can I contribute to the Healthy Entrepreneurs business model?

A: Healthy Entrepreneurs is continuously in search of possibilities to improve the business model and expand the amount of entrepreneurs. Feel free to contact Joost van Engen via [email protected].

Q: Can I apply for a job at Healthy Entrepreneurs?

A: Healthy Entrepreneurs is continuously looking for enthusiastic people who could contribute their knowledge, experience and capabilities. Feel free to contact us to set up an introductory meeting and at the same time keep an eye on both our website and LinkedIn page.

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