PUBLISHED DATE: 25-10-2016

We are: Healthy Entrepreneurs

Over 2 billion people worldwide do not have access to basic essential healthcare.  Healthy Entrepreneurs is a social enterprise, founded in 2011, with the aim to systematically solve this situation. We are a team of loyal, visionary and hands-on professionals who nowadays create access to reliable and affordable health products and services in remote and untapped areas in developing countries. We enable a network of qualified micro- entrepreneurs to create impact and improve the quality of life in their own environment. Currently we are servicing over 2 million people with our businesses and HE is continuously growing.


As an IT SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR, you are responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of all computer systems and servers. The systems and servers are used by our employees, customers, partners and end-clients. Healthy Entrepreneurs has different systems for different end-users in multiple countries. You also do research how to streamline daily IT systems further across organizations and link systems together. You also are the contact point for all representatives of external IT partners and suppliers.

  • highly driven to contribute to social impact globally
  • a hands-on professional with broad cultural understanding
  • able to manage a global team in each HE country simultaneously as head of IT, experience of min. 2 years
  • experienced in presenting and writing well structured supportive documents to secure funding for new IT projects (approx. 2 years of experience)
  • preferably experienced with the following systems
    • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise
    • Cloud providers (AWS, Azure and DigitalOcean)
    • Azure AD
    • Odoo
    • Twilio SIP Services
    • Xcally Call Center Software
    • COMODO Endpoint Management
    • ClickMedix Telehealth Platform
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Adobe InDesign
    • dbWatch AS
    • IATI Reporting Systems
    • Dreamweaver
    • WordPress
    • SalesForce
    • Mobile Money System APIs in various countries we operate in (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Haiti)
    • Qliksense Data Dashboards
  • independent, ambitious, target driven and willing to think outside the box
  • able to drive the streamlining of different IT systems, linking them together: to choose and combine the right systems for our global operations
  • a passionate networker that initiates new contacts and ensures follow-up with existing contacts. You have a structured way of keeping track of your network.
  • resident of the Netherlands
  • willing to travel approx. 25%
  • available on a fulltime basis
  • fluently both in speech and writing in English, preferably also in French

What we offer

A loyal and ambitious work environment. A team that wants to make a difference. Our office is in Utrecht, the Netherlands, however travelling (internationally) is a significant part of our jobs. We offer competitive remuneration, but most importantly: a chance to create impact globally.

More information

Our website is full of information and updates:

Last application date is December 31st 2016. For more information or to submit your application, please reach out to [email protected]. Please accompany your CV with a short motivation.